Moto, the largest motorway services operator in the UK, uses Sparkle’s “Coupon on Demand” app to selectively target high-value customers and reward them with offers, which our app prints on their receipt printer.  By replacing ‘hand out’ vouchers with auditable and dynamically generated content, Moto was able to significantly reduce costs and improve the efficacy of their campaigns.

Moto also uses a bespoke POS App to connect their hospitality POS systems to a 3rd party loyalty service, with the POS App providing the full range of loyalty functionality including points balance enquiry, earn, redemption and printing summary information on receipts.  All achieved without POS software integration.

Sparkle’s solution has been rapid to deliver, cheap to build and cheap to own.  Their technology has proved outstandingly reliable.

The POS operators have loved the latest POS App and we’ve been receiving requests from them to roll it out further and more quickly.  It makes their work easier and has noticeable reduced queueing time, which we believe will inevitably increase sales.

Sparkle’s solution means we’re now able to completely change the way we think about our POS.  Previously, experimenting with the POS took too long and cost too much.  But now for the first time we’re able to engage different parts of the business in some really blue-sky thinking about how we can innovate at the POS to improve our customer experiences and make it a centrepiece of our CRM strategy.

Guy Latcham – IT Director