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Sparkle are a UK Software as a service (SaaS) technology company whose core product removes a significant barrier to entry for retail application vendors.

Sparkle bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds by ‘digitising’ Retailers’ legacy/disparate in store Point of Sale (POS) systems, connecting them seamlessly and easily to the cloud without upgrading or modifying them.

Sparkle’s (patent pending) POS Bridge™ software, provides real time two-way communication within a transaction and any number of applications.
It achieves this with NO integration with a Retailer’s POS system and with NO involvement with the POS vendor.

Sparkle’s POS Bridge™ benefits vendors by enabling them to scale their application quickly across mulitple retailers. Physical retailers benefit by becoming as agile in responding to consumers’ preferences as their digital competitors.

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Why use Sparkle?

The Issue

Multiple retail appliaction vendors have developed compelling B2C consumer propositions.

In order to scale those propositions, they have to integrate their solution with multiple POS vendors.

Every deployment requires integration at potentially enormous cost (typically six figures) and often over a considerable period of time
(typically 12-18 months for each version of POS software).

Scaling any such proposition becomes incredibly difficult with both retailers and vendors unwilling to foot the bill.

The Solution

A Point of Sale is just like any other Computer – instead of a mouse, printer and keyboard, it has a barcode scanner, customer line display, keyboard, mag stripe reader, touch screen and printer.

Sparkle’s patent pending POS Bridge™ software sits above the operating system and between these peripherals, creating a middleware layer across each POS device to look and operate the same at machine level language.

POS Bridge™ then intercepts, interrogates and captures every action that happens on each transaction – every barcode scanned, loyalty card swiped, coupon redeemed, button pressed etc. and sends to the cloud.

This all happens before the POS software knows anything and therefore does not require any integration.

The Opportunity

Third party retail tech applications’ solutions are developed by Sparkle into ‘POS Bridge™ Apps’ which are simply intergrated into POS Bridge™.

POS Bridge™ unique selling point is that it mimics a transaction and allows POS Apps
to interact in real time (Events & Instructions) before the transaction is closed. This makes it possible to inject a transaction in real time as well as facilitate multiple ‘POS Apps’ through a single POS Bridge™.

Competitor propositions work post tender through integration which means only single functionality and retailers continual dependence on their POS vendor.

Once connected, a legacy POS can function like a modern day smart device, meaning Retailers can benefit from using the POS Apps from Sparkle’s App Store (either proprietary or 3rd party applications developed for use with POS Bridge™).

POS Bridge™ can be deployed remotely across multiple sites and disparate POS systems in minutes at a fraction of the cost of integrated solutions.

NO intergration with a Retailer’s
POS system
Bridging the gap between the
physical and digital worlds
Real time two-way communication
with a transaction
Digitising Retailers’ legacy / disparate
POS systems

What is a POS App?

A POS App is small software script comprised of
If, Then, Goto events (calls to API’s)
A script utilises different POS Bridge™ App Services to
facilitate its instructions (what the API answers)
This way POS Apps can be developed quickly as it is based on configuring the different POS Bridge™ services to facilitate any number of actions

Building The Network

Sparkle is creating multiple networks across different market verticals
The networks we create can enable hundreds of different vendors rapidly to scale
The removal of integration enables retailers to benefit from a more competitive solutions market

Technology / Security Protection

IP Protection:
Interception Patent – PCT/GB2014/052501 A data processing method and system:
Covers our ability to emalumate other POS peripherals (barcode scanners, printers etc.)  without interfering with the POS software

 Injection Patent – PCT/GB2014/052499 A data transmission method and system:
Covers our method of injecting other data structures into the POS data stream without affecting the processing of the transaction in question by the POS

Future Protection:
 Load to Payment Card Patent – Intention to file for a patent for Sparkle’s Innovative process to provide the Gateway from the payment card terminal and the POS system / transaction
Information Security:
 Security policy compliant with ISO 27001 and NIST SP 800
Security team certified to CISSP / CISM / CISA standards
Associated Member of the UK Cyber Emergency Responce Team (CERT-UK) and Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP)
Formal links with European Union Network & Information Security Agency (ENISA) – an expert group on Cloud Security information Sharing Partnership (CISP)
We have a software patching policy that addresses all but zero day vulnerabilities and continually monitors leading threat intelligence sources to ensure our systems and data remain secure and uncompromised
Sparkle is part of the Secured by CIPROS™ programme covering off all areas of threat, risk and vulnerability.

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