Bridging Disparate Physical and Digital Technologies

Sparkle unlocks the power of data through seamless, real-time unification of data, creating a common layer across physical and digital systems without the need for integration with host software applications.

Our Solution

Sparkle Bridge™

Sparkle unlocks the power of Automatic Identification Data Capture (AIDC) data including:

  • Barcodes
  • QR codes
  • RFiD
  • OCR

Plus other data generated from the world of peripheral devices that communicate and receive data from the cloud and/or host computer.

Sparkle Bridge™️ multi patented (U.S. 2019/0272177 A1, 2016/0205206 A1, E.P. 3033867 A0, U.S. 16/237,928 and U.S. 14/912,282) software and related cloud platform technology eliminates the need altogether for the complicated and costly integration between proprietary systems by providing a universal translation capability between AIDC code structures, the binary data structures within peripherals and the hosted cloud/computer application.

Sparkle Bridge™️, unifies the worlds of physical and digital commerce and has been developed for multiple industries including:

Deploying Sparkle Bridge™️ makes it possible to create unified experiences beyond the current physical and digital markets by expanding the use of digital devices as peripherals such as mobile phones and HD cameras and connecting in new data services such as Blockchain.

Sparkle Bridge™ Features

  • Application agnostic – works at the operating system level
  • Intercepts/Injects data
    • Aggregate data in real time
    • Add data from another application in real time into a transaction
  • Translates between disparate data structures – convert and inject non native data structures into host format
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous connectivity – can be configured to existing network capabilitiy so can be used offline
  • Remotely deployed and updated
  • PCI Compliant

Sparkle Bridge™ Benefits

  • Low cost of entry and ongoing costs vs traditional integration and maintenance fees
  • Significant reduction in time to deployment – weeks instead of months or even years
  • Once deployed multiple applications can be supported through one instance
  • Extends the life of existing systems
  • Unifies disparate data, systems and platforms without the need for upgrades or replacement
  • Future proofed as easily migrates to new systems as required

Sparkle Bridge™ Example Use Cases


  • Converting the newly introduced GS1 digital coupon standard 8112 (hosted on Hedera Network) into current Point of Sale (POS) native GS1 8110 format
  • Deployment of loyalty applications across disparate POS networks
  • Implementation of Government benefit programs facilitated by pre paid and EBT cards
  • Direct injection of eCommerce baskets into POS devices eliminating the need for separate systems
  • eReceipts for enterprise size retailers significantly reducing returns and receipt fraud

Supply Chain/Logisitics

  • Connecting IoT devices and related systems directly to AIDC systems
  • Proof of Provenance capabilities from field to fork/factory to shelf for existing AIDC systems


  • Order ahead
  • Expansion of payment services for merchants such as Pay at Table
  • Proof of Provenance payments
  • Acceptance of new payment types such as QR codes

The Team

Judd Ferrer

Judd Ferrer

Founder, Product & Patent Guru, VP N. America

20+ years in retail, shopper marketing and fintech technology. Masters Yale University

Steve Armstrong

Steve Armstrong


Founder BDB Ventures, previously Autobar UK MD and Group legal, 20 years city lawyer. Kings College, London

David Godfrey

David Godfrey


Founder BDB Ventures, previously founder and FD of Conduit Communications sold to Razor Fish, experienced in rapid roll-out. PWC trained and qualified accountant. Oxford

Adam Doran

Adam Doran


20 years business development, former MD of Snipp Interactive (US proprietary SaaS solution for promotions and loyalty programs)

Sparkle CS is headquartered in the UK and has an office in the US, as well as Resellers in the US and Australia. Please fill in our contact form with your enquiry and we will get back to you ASAP.