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Transforming Brick and Mortar Stores with Digital Technologies 

Sparkle creates business value by making independently designed systems work together. Our focus is on:

Helping accelerate retailers’ adoption of digital APIs by as much as 3 to 4 years.

Saving retailers and 3rd Party API providers $ millions in system integration and ongoing maintenance costs.

Delivering ROI’s for the retailer up to 45x.

A Problem Solved

Retail markets still rely on independently designed systems which were not designed to use modern automation processes or digital APIs.

Modifying or updating these can be expensive, time consuming and either not successful or limited in capabilities.

This is because these systems each have their own proprietary way of creating a transactional data event, such as building a shopping basket, inserting a coupon discount and/or accepting an alternative payment like a gift card.

Sparkle’s iPaaS solves the problem by creating a low code/no code common interface between the independently designed systems that enable different APIs (Fintech, loyalty, coupons, eReceipts etc) to be deployed quickly and easily.

Sparkle iPaaS in action – enabling an independently designed POS system to redeem the new Universal Digital Coupon (AI 8112) hosted on the Hedera Hashgraph Blockchain.

What Sparkle Delivers

Sparkle’s multi-patented managed iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) for Retail delivers significant business value and increases in revenues through:

The lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional retail technology integrations.

Deploying a flexible platform with no CAPEX, that makes it easy for retailers to adopt multiple digital APIs that unifies their operations and customer experiences.

Reducing costs and timescales for retailers to integrate and deploy new technology.

Tried, Tested and Trusted

The Benefits of POS Bridge™

Sparkle’s iPaaS is built upon the Company’s patented* software technology, POS Bridge™. This connects and automates digital APIs and independently designed system’s application software such as Point of Sale or Self-Checkout.


*U.S. 2019/0272177 A1, 2016/0205206 A1, U.S. 16/237,928, U.S. 14/912,282, E.P. 3033867 A0, E.P. 3771184 1 and China 2021010500155870.


Fast to develop and deploy
12 weeks v 12 months!

Impressive ROI

5% increase in sales!
45x ROI

Proven Technology

Breathes life into independently designed systems.

Reduced Risk

Reduces risk & ability to respond quickly.


Easy to make changes and modifications.

Multiple Connections

Ability to run multiple APIs through one instance of POS Bridge™.

“Sparkle’s solution has been rapid to deliver, cost effective to build and economical to own.”

Guy Latchem

IT Director, MOTO

“This program, Double Up Food Bucks, has turned the dial on fresh produce sales and has had a significant impact on our bottom line.”

Chris Leevers

Owner, 32 Save a Lot Stores

“We are excited to be partnering with Sparkle to create the ‘RDS App Store’ with eReceipts and 8112 Universal Digital Coupons as the first apps we are launching to our customer base of grocery retailers across the USA.”

Dwayne Van Whye

General Manager and RDS Board Member, RDS

Sparkle iPaaS in action with MOTO

Different POS systems running multiple APIs.

Over $500,000 in integration and annual maintenance fees saved.

Over $350,000 in annual operational benefits.

30% less total cost of ownership over 5 years compared to traditional POS vendors costs.

Sparkle iPaaS for Fintech

Sparkle iPaaS facilitates a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Incentive Program.

50% redemption rates, double the national average.

5-8%+ increase in sales of produce.

Achieved up to 45x ROI contribution to gross margin for retailer vs monthly cost of service.

Sparkle iPaaS Creating the Network Effect

Sparkle is working with Retail Data Systems (RDS), the largest POS reseller and support company in the US.

Over 35,000 retailer locations under management.

Main market is independent grocers.

Partnering to launch ‘RDS App Store’ providing RDS retailers access to a multitude of business value APIs.

About Us

Steve Armstrong

Steve Armstrong


Serial entrepreneur. Retail and technology focus with most recent success being the sale of specialist Point of Sale provider, Systopia to Zucchetti Group.

Judd Ferrer

Judd Ferrer


25+ year multiple patent technologist and business process specialist. Experienced in building product and go to market strategies in retail, supply chain, payments/fintech and Blockchain technologies.

Adam Doran

Adam Doran


20+ years in digital and CPG promotional sales. Former UK MD of Snipp Interactive, a leading digital loyalty provider. 

David Godfrey

David Godfrey


ACA Chartered Account, advisor and entrepreneur, with long involvement in helping young organisations find their way through to creating and realising value on exit, including in-depth US and Indian market entry and experience. 

Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe


25+ years business transformation and projects Director for enterprise organisations. Cyber security expert. Charted IT Professional, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC and CISSP.

If you would like to find out more about how Sparkle iPaaS can accelerate the adoption of digital APIs into your business with our quick, easy and cost effective way than please get in touch.